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Extra Punctuation

Human interaction is based on a mixture of verbal and nonverbal communication. We mostly use the verbal part to convey information, while relying on the nonverbal to express our intent, feelings and attitude towards what is being said.

This has always raised a challenge for the written language, with some solutions being sought, for marking irony or sarcasm, or a rhetorical question – as done with the percontation point, introduced by Henry Denham, as early as the 1580′. The need becomes more apparent with shorter texts, where context is missing.

The solution for instant messaging was found in the abundantly available, and the well in use, emoticons.

However, their typographic relatives, although created a longer time ago, have not found their place in our current visual representation system.

Although used before in news articles, diplomatic writings and novels, to clarify meaning; it is our belief, that their use is best justified at incorporating the most emotional accuracy, within the smallest amount of words.

The set of punctuation we propose, are meant to support the printer in doing just that.

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Extra Punctuation wood type printing blocks – 9 pieces

Relief depth of 1.8 mm and total block depth of  0.918″ (plus/minus 0.004″)

French polished, end-grain beech wood.

New, uninked, unused printing blocks cut from dry, treated beech wood on a cnc milling machine, each item is hand finished.

Additional characters or other custom typefaces, ornaments, borders, pattern, etc, of different sizes or relief depths may be machined upon special order.

The shipping consist of regular economy postal service delivery and it is (at least) somewhere between 5 to 10 days for E.U. and 10-14 days for the United States.

Please contact us for further details or custom orders!

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