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Carnera Pugno – Wood type



Product Description

Carnera Pugno is an anthropomorphic typeface found by Marijane Curry, wood type enthusiast and letterpress printer, in the book titled Alphabets of Wood – Luigi Melchiori and the History of Italian Wood Type. She wanted a wood type set and contacted us at Petrescu Press. On page 110 only a few letters are shown, so the rest of the letters were reconstructed by Petrescu Press

The name of the wood type set is based on the available letters from the original typeface: “Carnera Pugno”. What we can deduce from our research is the association with the Italian boxer Primo Carnera the World Heavyweight Champion from June 29, 1933 to June 14, 1934.

Carnera Pugno typeface wood type printing blocks.

Relief depth of 1.8 mm and total block depth of  0.918″ (plus/minus 0.004″)

French polished, end-grain beech wood.

New, uninked, unused printing blocks cut from dry, treated beech wood on a cnc milling machine, each item is hand finished.

Additional characters or other custom typefaces, ornaments, borders, patterns, etc, of different sizes or depths may be machined upon special order.

The shipping consist of regular economy postal service delivery and it is (at least) somewhere between 5 to 10 days for E.U. and 10-14 days for the United States.

Please contact us for further details or custom orders!

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