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Extra Punctuation

Human interaction is based on a mixture of verbal and nonverbal communication. We mostly use the verbal part to convey information, while relying on the nonverbal to express our intent, feelings and attitude towards what is being said. This has always raised a challenge for the written language, with some solutions being sought, for marking […]

Wood Type for Beginners

Petrescu Press recently had the pleasure to take part in a project with Julie Bellier and Catherine Staebler, from Atelier bipoint, and may have very well created the very first set of wood type for beginners. The idea belongs to the two French designers, and came from the necessity of making letterpress printing more accessible […]

Questa Grande Project

This summer Petrescu Press was contacted by Mr. Thomas Gravemaker who leads Letterpress Amsterdam for a wood type project. It involved the bringing together of typeface designers, the wood type maker and letterpress printer for a first time in modern times. The typeface is Questa Grande, from the Questa font superfamily, these are some of […]